How Miss Bumbum is world’s most controversial pageant - winner jailed for prostitution ring to Ronaldo saga & bribe row | The US Sun

2022-11-30 14:17:40 By : Mr. Wayne Wang

WHEN it comes to controversial beauty pageants, very few come close to the Miss Bumbum competition. 

The premise of the annual event, based in Brazil, is to find the woman with the best bottom, with the winner bagging £8,000 worth of endorsement deals and overnight celebrity status. Who Invented Sex Dolls

How Miss Bumbum is world’s most controversial pageant - winner jailed for prostitution ring to Ronaldo saga & bribe row | The US Sun

But over the 11 years it's been running, the pageant has been marred by controversy - and this year is no exception.

Organisers have been forced to issue an apology after choosing Marina Smith, dressed in an Islamic chador, as the winner of its Miss Bumbum World Cup 2022 contest.

In her wining shoot Marina, 32, appears to be naked while draped in the religious dress with a golden ball in one hand, to reflect the tournament being held in Qatar.

After posting the picture to its Instagram page, the pageant received backlash from followers who branded the image distasteful and offensive.

The pageant, founded by Cacau Oliver, said in response: "We didn't contemplate it would offend anyone's culture and tradition, it was never our intention or that of influencer Marina."

Despite some calling for the model to be stripped of her title, organisers declined and instead asked her to do a new sexy shoot.

And as part of her winning package, Marina will be flown to Qatar on November 21 to watch Brazil's opening match against Serbia and the entire tournament.

Here we take a look at other scandals that have rocked Miss Bumbum - from prostitution rings to a messy Ronaldo saga.

Last year it was reported Flavia Tamayo, 23, had been jailed for eight years for running a sex and drugs gang in Brazil. 

The adult film star and a regional Miss Bumbum winner in 2018 was part of a drug trafficking network set up by prostitutes and was nicknamed the 'Powder Queen'.

Police found she and her female accomplices specialised in selling Class A narcotics, including cocaine.

According to investigators, the gang also had a 'sex programme', supplying escorts and drugs to rich clients. 

Prostitution in itself is not illegal in Brazil, however employing people as sex workers and running brothels are against the law. 

In 2018 the final of Miss Bumbum 2018 was plunged into crisis when an onstage catfight ensued. 

Bitter contestant Aline Uva was so certain she would be crowned winner that she stormed the stage and ripped the sash off the eventual winner, Ellen Santana. 

In the fight, Aline was heard screaming that Ellen had won using implants, which are illegal under competition rules. 

Aline kept the sash and refused to give it back and even started calling herself Miss Bumbum on her social media pages. 

Organisers later said they had given her a set amount of time to return the sash and ordered her to pay a £25,000 fine as she had brought the pageant into disrepute. 

In 2018, Miss Bumbum 2016 winner Erika Canela tried to sue Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo over claims she was trolled and sexually harassed. 

The model claimed she received a barrage of “offensive and insulting” messages after calling time in their two-month romance.  

Speaking about the alleged messages, she said: “They called me a wh*** and said they would ruin my life. I don’t know if they were from him or someone else.” 

Erika, who has a 42-inch bottom, said she was invited to Ronaldo’s homes in Madrid and Lisbon in 2017 for sex, but she ended it when she heard he had a girlfriend.

She claims her breaking it off triggered the alleged hate campaign.

Lawyers for Erika sent a cease and desist letter against the Portuguese footballer, saying the messages had “profoundly” impacted her emotional state. Ronaldo didn't comment.

In 2017 there were chaotic scenes yet again when six Miss Bumbum contestants were accused of cheating. 

It emerged that the ladies used robots to cast votes for themselves to ensure they had an advantage. 

Organisers launched an investigation after a website, iG Gente, claimed some of the women had used computer software to gain thousands of votes in just a few hours. 

It resulted in 40,000 votes taken off six finalists “for the use of robots to interfere with the public vote".

According to local media reports, two contestants - former dancer Mari Sousa and law student Eliana Amaral - tried to bribe judges in 2013.

O Dia newspaper reported Eliana had paid £18,000 to be named runner-up, with Mari coughing up an even larger amount.

One of the women competing, Poliana Lopes, said: "It's no longer a secret to anyone that Miss Bumbum has been bought and already has a winner, Mari Sousa."

It was also alleged that Eliana had a surgically enhanced derriere, leading to calls for people to boycott the contest.

In 2017 Rosie Oliviera claimed she was groped at an after-party just hours after winning the pageant. 

The model, 35, told cops she slapped the perpetrator across the face when he tried to grab her revered rear end at the party in São Paulo. 

She furiously said: “Just because I’m Miss Bumbum doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect.” 

During the contest, Rosie revealed that her husband told her she had to choose between him and appearing in the competition. 

She left him and later said she did not regret her decision as she was finally pursuing a lifelong dream. 

In 2018 organisers of the completion came under fire when they launched a Barbie-style doll that came complete with a big butt lift. 

Critics said the doll would cause body image disorders, with an official saying a bum like the doll was impossible to obtain without surgery. 

The Sao Frei Galvao Pro-Life House even went as far as sending cease and desist orders for organisers to halt the production of the dolls. 

But Cacau Oliver hit back saying: “My public are not children.” 

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How Miss Bumbum is world’s most controversial pageant - winner jailed for prostitution ring to Ronaldo saga & bribe row | The US Sun