Sodium camphorsulfonate for respiratory system injectionCAS: 21791-94-6

The product descriptionProduct nameSodium Camphor SulfonateThe aliasSodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate;sodium (+)-camphorsulfonate;P-Camphor-10-SulfonicAcidSodiumSalt;sodium D-camphor-10-sulfonate;SODIUM(+)-10-CAMOPHORSULFONATE;D-camphor-B-sulfonic acidChemical formula C10H15NaO4SAppearancewhite crystal or crystalline powderFun

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The product description
Product nameSodium Camphor Sulfonate
The aliasSodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate;sodium (+)-camphorsulfonate;P-Camphor-10-SulfonicAcidSodiumSalt;sodium D-camphor-10-sulfonate;SODIUM(+)-10-CAMOPHORSULFONATE;D-camphor-B-sulfonic acid
Chemical formula C10H15NaO4S
Appearancewhite crystal or crystalline powder
FunctionThere is the excitatory respiration and circulation of camphor, but not lasting.Camphor absorption, in the body after the oxidation of oxidative camphor, can stimulate the cerebral cortex, the brain and blood vessel movement center, but also directly excited the heart.It is suitable for acute disorders of respiration and circulation, and for poisoning of central nervous system drugs.And can play a strong heart, improve blood circulation, promote the role of metabolic function.

Respiratory Fcctory Sodium Camphor Sulfonate of Injection CAS: 21791-94-6

Veterinary drug production license and GMP certification

Respiratory Fcctory Sodium Camphor Sulfonate of Injection CAS: 21791-94-6
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Respiratory Fcctory Sodium Camphor Sulfonate of Injection CAS: 21791-94-6
Respiratory Fcctory Sodium Camphor Sulfonate of Injection CAS: 21791-94-6
Respiratory Fcctory Sodium Camphor Sulfonate of Injection CAS: 21791-94-6


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